We’ve studied each step of the construction process and re-designed the way we operate in order to work smarter, more efficiently, and more collaboratively than anyone else. The result: a new, sophisticated approach to construction that consistently helps save time and money, but most importantly, allows clients and architects to achieve their design goals in a way that may not have otherwise been possible. Our approach relies on a two-level system:



GHBW works with designers to advise on feasibility, constructibility, and project costs. We have developed a technique to provide what we call “real-time bidding” so a client or architect can see how important design decisions will affect a project schedule or budget. This technique alone empowers design teams with more knowledge and confidence in their decision-making.


We also develop staging plans and detailed procurement schedules that provide insights for design teams as they work to achieve their design goals within a project’s budget and schedule. These schedules reveal potential building components or processes that could affect the completion of the project long before work ever begins on site. Using these tools, we help designers to strategically plan their decisions to reduce delays and unforeseen lead-time challenges.



Once construction begins, GHBW’s innovative approach quickly stands out. Where most contractors just simply try to execute the drawings, we see our jobs a bit differently. We believe it is our responsibility to be problem solvers, helping to elevate the design, not just execute it.


We recognize that getting a building built is a team effort and we expect a lot from our fellow teammates; we work hard to even get our clients involved. During construction, our detailed procurement schedules serve as a tool to help our clients understand what decisions they are responsible for making and when those decisions need to be made, reducing surprises and change orders. At the end of the day, we value transparency and collaboration above all else.